Twenty Ideas

Power Source

This clock was inspired by the battery status indicator on Mac menu bar. Instead of displaying the current time, this clock displays the remaining time of the day.

Three batteries correspond to hours (top), minutes (middle), and seconds (bottom). You can see them deplete throughout the day.


Normally a clock consists of stationary numbers and moving lines. This minimalistic clock was meant to turn the table around: Fixed line and spinning numbers.

Three wheels of numbers correspond to hours (top-left), minutes (center), and seconds (bottom-right). The line strikes through the current time.

Coloring Book

I created this clock to try out something playful and bright. Although this clock displays the current time in a conventional digital format, handwritten numbers and colorful tiles add some playfulness.

Tile colors are randomly picked from an eight-color palette. There are 60 tiles, corresponding to the 60 seconds in each minute; one tile is re-colored every second.